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"Manual for the distillation of grape marc and wine

The original edition of Cettolini's manual, the first book published in Italy on the subject. Cettolini was a student of Cerletti, who started in Italy the first systematic studies on the processing of grape marc, and who inspired his work. The interest for this manual lies in the fact that, in addition to covering with ease the whole production cycle of a distillery (including how to use grape marc as fodder or extract oil from grape seeds),  it provides a clear picture of tax issues facing Italian distilleries at the end of the 19th century (taxes, exemptions, monopoly), with an interesting statistical analysis of spirits production in the years 1882-1887.


  • Title:
    • Manuale per la Distillazione delle Vinacce e del Vino
  • Author:
    • Cettolini Sante
  • Year:
    • 1889