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When talking about companies, the heritage is made up of material and immaterial resources that a company collected throughout its historical growth, and that are now determining its identity.

At an economical stage where concurrency among companies is becoming more and more cruel, where consumers are confused because of the excessive choice available, companies are urged to do something to distinguish themselves on the market.

The heritage marketing is a strategy aiming to promote and make the most of a company's specific features, thus the ones coming from its history.

In order to keep a client a faithful customer and to attract new ones, a company history can this way be a "collective fairytale", able to generate a feeling of belonging to a brand.

Availing oneself of tools such as a private museum, a historical archive or a monography, a company can take advantage of its own historical resources to enhance the value of its economical and cultural value, emphasizing the link between the company, territory and community.

Heritage marketing means availing oneself of the company history as the starting point to add value to the company itself, beating the competitors.

Case study: Interview with Jacopo Poli, CEO of the Poli distillery and Poli Grappa museum, a Vicenza-based company which has always embodied the values and principles of the company culture, curator of 2 museums consecrated to Grappa.

  • Title:
    • Heritage Marketing: una strategia di valorizzazione del patrimonio storico delle imprese
  • Author:
    • Daniele Bazzanella
  • Year:
    • 2014