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"Study of the influence of grape marc different storage conditions on aromatic compounds linked to grapes variety and fermentation

Grape marc is the raw material used for the production of Grappa. It consists of the solid parts of grape bunches: skins, seeds and possibly stalks. The quality and characteristic of grape marcs are very important in determining the quality and characteristics of Grappa. This thesis has studied the effects of different treatments that Prosecco and Cabernet Sauvignon grape marcs may be subject to before storage and fermentation, on the grape marcs volatile and varietal compounds. The treatments investigated were: acidification, refrigeration and the addition of selected yeasts. The effects of these treatments on the chemical composition were subsequently examined when grape marcs are stored for longer than usual fermentation times. Lastly, in order to evaluate the influence of acidification also in relation to lees and grape marcs potential risks, Ochratoxin A levels were investigated in grape marcs of different grape varieties cultivated in areas potentially at risk. 

  • Title:
    • Studio dell'influenza delle differenti condizioni di stoccaggio delle vinacce sui composti aromatici varietali e di fermentazione
  • Author:
    • Panighel Annarita
  • Year:
    • 2009