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Alcohol (employees)

After water, the ethylic alcohol is surely a liquid having the most important applications and use among other substances. You can find it in a huge quantity of drinks. In general alcohol and in particular way the ethylic one, is very important for chemistry and pharmaceutics industry. Alcohol is one of the quickest heat generators for domestic use or, if necessary, a real and simple means for heating in case of lack of lighting gas and other replaced elements. In lighting field, alcohol rather had a slow evolution. Only when Auer discovered the gas burner referred to its name, lighting and alcohol had an ongoing technical progress which had new and perfectible alcohol lamps. Thanks to alcohol antisepsis and antifermentative properties the ethylic alcohol is used for organic substances and also for plants, bags, fruit, animals, and so on, whereas, its heady liquid corresponds to a multimillionaire tradition where people try the best techniques for the extraction. They start from the elementary freezing till the sun heating, then the ascent technique and the modern distillation devices.  Alcohol has become very important in the last few years and is used as fuel for internal-combustion-engines. In this case alcohol must have a content not less than 99,6 Tralles alcoholic degrees, at a Celsius temperature of 15,56.