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(1) The word "brandy" was originally reserved to define the spirit resulting from the distillation of wines. Nowadays this word has taken on a larger meaning, covering all alcoholic drinks with no aroma and without sugar. Brandy can be obtained, besides from the distillation of wine, by processing grape-pomace, fruits, cereals, cane sugar and other products, in conformity with the availability of raw materials of the manufacturer Countries, the traditions and the historical events. By international standards, Brandy must have an alcoholic degree over 30 degrees (but on average between 40 and 50).

(2) English word with a Dutch origin, from brandwjin. This term has got at present a wider meaning than the original one. It also shows fruit brandy, grape pomace brandy, light wine brandy, cereal brandy, sugar beet, melasso and so on. In Italy, brandy, is solely a brandy of pure wine aged in oak barrels.