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Distillation column

During alcohol production, the distillation columns, in brass, are made of a series of plates including cylindrical column coverings, set at a short distance from each other in order to make the hydroalcoholic mixing coming from up, go down in the lower plates until meeting the water steam coming from the lower part of the column. Alcoholic steams developing in the lower part of the column place oneselves in every liquid layer contained among the higher plates, taking the alcohol away until meeting the coldest parts of the column. Two water runnings are created. One of alcoholic steams that once reached the top of the column directly flow to the refrigerator, whereas the other one, always with little alcohol, goes down till totally being exhausted when it touches the bottom of the column where it is discharged. There are other kinds of distillation columns, in addition to those with plates, but these are the most used in Italy.