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Grappa is a distillate obtained from grape-pomaces, exclusively with those grapes vinified in Italy, in Switzerland (see legislation) and San Marino. Grappa (popular name to define grape-pomace brandy) comes from the grape-pomace distillation after drawing off wine, fermented grape-pomaces, or fermented grape-pomaces after the must separation. It can show an alcoholic content volume between 37,5% and 60%, directly reached in case of grappas with "full degree", or by adding water (usually demineralized) with the right percentage and ratio for the distillation product. The quality of Grappa, as for wine, depends on grape typology and quality, but also on distillation system and technical capacities of distiller. In order to gain a grappa with the best quality, distillation installations with discontinuous method are necessary, both by steam and bain-marie that allow to select the individual grape-pomace and grappa lots.  Sweetening (max 2%) is permitted by Italian law through a sugar adding that can be candied in case of aging Grappas or barriques. This allows low quality production with very intense colours similar to those obtained through long wood refinement process as a business deceitful expedient."