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It deals with a device used for distillation. It comes from the old sets belonging to alchemists, but by passing time its primordial features have changed, but always including its aims. It is made of 4 essential parts and exactly: - a boiler or cucurbit where the material is distilled. - a capital, or headpiece, or dome, which overcomes the boiler and through which is stricly connected and closed hermetically. The upper capital part is tapered and ends to a tube made of a squared conical shape called “swan neck”; - a serpentine refrigerator, connected to the swan neck; - a small basin including the serpentine where water circulates by making steams cold and provoking condensation. Starting from this simple kind of device, called simple still, the modern distillation sets are derived, by exploiting the aim of the following condensations and steams. (for further detailed information see the section devoted to our portal concerning the production area)