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Wine water

The most important wine producers and consumers are: France, Spain, Portugal and Greece. The best brandy is obtained through the discontinuous distillation, that is by means of a still based on the charentais method; the operator should take particular care in eliminating the “head” and the “tail” at the right moment, letting the “heart” as intact. High quality wines are not distillated, but only ordinary and young wines with low alcoholic content equipped with fixed acidity; if possible they must be white with no skins and grape seeds fermentation. The favourite wines are: Moscato, Malvasia, Saint-Emilion, Colombard, Folle Blanche, Jurançon, Piepoul, Pinot, Savatiano and so on. These wines have the same essential and usual components of the others, but a wider component for some elements, such as ethers and esters, give brandy a dry and harmonious flavour. The most important wine brandies are Armagnac, Italian Brandy and Cognac.