Poli Museo della Grappa

Poli Grappa Museum

Poli Distillerie

Poli Distillerie



Museimpresa - www.museimpresa.com
Museimpresa is an italian association meant to promote company museums and company archives. Its main aim is to identify , promote and bring together those companies which have decided to emphasize their own culturalheritage in their communication strategies.

Unione Imprese Storiche Italiane - www.uisitalia.org
The italian historical companies association brings together brands of the utmost prestige and international significance.

Consorzio Vicenza È - www.vicenzae.org
The "Vicenzaé Board", founded in 1991, gathers public and private boards as well as other operators and works as "Destination Management Organisation.

Turismo industriale - www.turismoindustriale.it/
Industrial Tourism's website is an innovative tool for everyone willing to try a different and alternative way to enjoy tourism, outside the beaten path.

IAT Bassano del Grappa - www.comune.bassano.vi.it/Vivi-la-citta/Informazioni-utili/Ufficio-IAT
Some of the activities for which the Iat office is responsible are: welcoming tourists, preparing informative material, assistance to journalists, attending trade fairs, monitoring tourism flows.

Associazione Nazionale Piccoli Musei - www.piccolimusei.com
Non-profit association that aims to promote the Small Museums and promote a management culture specific to the Small Museums.

ERIH - European Route of Industrial Heritage - http://www.erih.net
ERIH is meant to promote those places in Europe where archeological industrial sites can be visited, boosting this way the tourism connected to companies. From May 2015 Poli Grappa Museum is one of the Italian anchor points.



Assodistill - www.assodistil.it
Assodistil, the national association of industrial alcohol and spirits manifacturers was founded in 1946, and represents at the moment 60 industrial distilleries. They account for the production of around 95% of inland spirits and ethyl alcohol from agricultural raw materials.

Istituto Nazionale Grappa - www.istitutograppa.org
The National Institute for Grappa was founded on Thursday, september 12th 1996 in Pavia.
It protects and promotes Italy's most representative distillate: Grappa.

Rete D.O.C.
An ecomuseum dedicated to the manifacturing culture in the Veneto region

Rete D.O.C. is a network of venetian companies aiming to invest in culture and their manifacturing history as a strategic tool or their own development.



Poli Distillerie  - www.poligrappa.com
The official website of the Poli Distillery in Schiavon (Vicenza).
Artisanal production of Grappa, brandy, spirits and liqueurs since 1898. The Poli Grappa Museum, located by the distillery in Schiavon, can be visited. 

Veneto Inside - www.venetoinside.com/
Web portal meant to promote bookings, suggestions and ideas for those planning to come to Veneto, the most visited and important touristic destination in Italy. www.venetoinside.com offers the end user useful details, suggestions and services about this fantastic region in both italian and english.