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source: Magazine of Distillers n. July-August 2010 (page 4)

Acquavite Italia: "the world of distillates" is ready for the edition 2011

Acquavite Italia:

The fourth edition of “Acquavite Italia” is going to take place from the 28th to the 30th January 2011 in the “Rocca Paolina” of Perugia, historical head office of the display. The edition 2011 introduces the "World of Distillates" by a tasting proposal of the most important National and International brandies, for more than 600 labels. "The fourth edition is a great target for such an important event called Acquavite Italia" says Ennio Baccianella who, in cooperation with Alessandra Casagrande, manages the display; "And we are optimistic for the future, because "Acquavite Italia" is almost a consolidated National event that a large number of visitors is foreseen for next year. We have already received the first replies from interested companies and we have got new requests from those who have never participated at this edition yet, basically addressed to the consumer. Most of planned guided tours and the campaign of sensitization on behalf of aware drinking, already started in 2008 with the first edition, allow to manage the audience fond of brandies and in particular way of Grappa. Moreover, we would like to make the audience better understand that drinking a lot can hurt you, but tasting a good distillate by tiny quantities gives pleasant sensations especially if the chosen product concerns a high quality selection”. Baccianella says: “In spite of this, many people working in purchasing and selling distillates have visited the exhibition, especially this year.” It’s a very different concept for buyers: “That’s very difficult – according to Baccianella – to choose among them and make them come. We need the Authorities support, the economic one indeed, to get a satisfying result. However, we disagree with inviting too many buyers before having selected them. Others invite buyers to participate in their events, but not through their own funds, so they are urged to stamp a sort of ticket at the visitor stand: then are they going to buy something? Our choice is addressed to consumer that is the person who is going to purchase at the end of the sale chain".