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40 out of 101 kinds of Grappa are worthy recognized in this competition edition during Alambicco D’Oro.

Alambicco D'Oro 2010

30 Companies participated at the competition edition “Alambicco D’Oro 2010” developed in Asti and thanks to this event 101 products have been introduced. On the basis of the selection strict methods adopted by ANAG, the different kind of Grappa have been classified by the competition Announcement. The tasting took place in Asti the 3rd July 2010 and 49 ANAG tasters coming from different Regions of Italy participated. Each Grappa, participating at the competition, has been tasted from almost 7 tasters, so each sample has been tasted almost every 7 times. Some repeated samples have been inserted in order to assure the taster reliability. All the judges have been codified through the alphabet letters attribution and have been gathered in some commissions all made of 7 judges in order to get them as mixed. For all commissions 3 tasting rounds for about 6 or 7 kind of grappa have been planned. The samples have been strictly served by an anonymous way according to a distribution form known by the sample wine shop responsible. Afterwards the responsible of data processing has got the whole decoding system at his complete disposal. The judgement rules submitted every kind of grappa and concern the traditional ones, such as the visual, the olfactory, the taste – olfactory. ANAG’s official form came into use since 2007 and was chosen and planned in order to make the taster express, for each valuating rule according to a descriptive mark, exclusively quality judgements, released from numerical judgement. The marks have been analysed by taking into account, for each rule, both the average upon judgement and the middle value score given from tasters. The judgements of each sample have been processed through ANAG calculation method by also considering that each sample had at least 90% judgement convergence. As the research came to an end, 40 out of 101 kinds of grappa were considered worthy in this recognition for the competition edition “Alambicco D’Oro”. Please find here enclosed the list given by “Grappa winners”.

Source: A.N.A.G.