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The European Commission agreed the use of new fruits and berries in spirits as well as the use of ethanol in akvavit or aquavit.

Alcoholic beverages: new rules for further fruits and berries to be used for the production of spirits

With Regulations Nr. 426, released on April 25th 2014 (published on the Official Journal of the European Union, serie L n.125 on April26th 2014), the European Commission allowed a change in attachment II, regulating the denomination, presentation, labelling and protection of geographical areas where alcoholic beverages are manufactured (CE Regulations Nr. 110/2008).

The new changes to the Regulations will allow the production of alcoholic beverages listed in category 16, with refer to ... spirit (fruit's name), also by maceration and distillation of fruits or berries contained in the regulations themselves.

With refer to akvavit or aquavit, the regulation will finally allow the use of ethanol to enhance the quality of the product.