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Approved technical sheets for Grappa and Brandy

Saverio Romano (Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies): "With the
decrees I signed, the technical sheets of Italian Grappa and Brandy were approved.
Yet another step in protecting our agricultural food heritage: given their importance
and international diffusion, Italian Brandy and Grappa, like other quality productions,
are highly representative of our production excellence and must be protected
against illegal encroachments by producers in other countries." So say the
ministerial decrees that implement Regulation (EC) no. 110/2008 on the
designation, presentation, labelling and protection of the Geographical Indications of
alcoholic beverages. The technical sheets, which constitute a production
specification, prepared after a lengthy consultation with industry groups, will now be
forwarded to the European Commission for registration and publication in the
Official Gazette of the EU, benefiting from the rules of protection on an international
The production methods given in technical sheets reflect the high quality standards
and the peculiarities of traditional production, while taking into account the
necessary technological adjustments. In particular, in addition to the elements
characterising the product and the production method, the technical sheet relevant
to GI "Grappa" provides for the obligation to bottling in plants located in the national
territory in order to safeguard the quality and to guarantee the origin.
"The future commitment for producers and institutions - concludes Romano - will be
to undertake all actions necessary for increasingly effective protection against the
imitations that weigh heavily on our geographical indications of alcoholic.

Grappa technical sheet

Brandy Italiano technical sheet