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Custom duties USA: Trump “saves” Grappa and spirits

“Unofficial rumours confirm that Grappa should remain out of the list of products subject to custom duties wanted by the President Trump”.

To express relief, although using the conditional, is Sandro Cobror, director of the National Association of Distillers of Alcohols and Acquavite (AssoDistil), which from the forum "Grappa. The future that awaits us" calms the distillers. The meeting allowed to clarify the situation of the distiller’s category.

Today, according to the data spread by AssoDistil, the production of Grappa in 2018 was of 8.500.000 litters and it is considered stable in relationship to the last ten years, with a yearly production between 8.000.000 and 9.000.000. On the export front, the Grappa in bulk in 2018 has Germany as its first target market (86%), followed by Spain (6%) and Switzerland (4%). Same goes for the bottles export in 2018: Germany (60%), Switzerland (10%) and Austria (5%).

Source: Ansa.it