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Differences among white Grappa and yellow Grappa

Often they ask me:
what's the difference between white and yellow Grappa?

Every is Grappa was born white, transparent, as the raw material's color does not evaporate.

If we notice that Grappa has a golden shade, it can be simply for two reasons: either it was aged, or infused with vegetable substances.

In the first case, during the ageing, the Grappa will absorb the aromatic and chromatic shades by the wood's staves; it will take on a color with a range from the light straw, to a more intense color like amber.

Instead, if the Grappa was used to prepare an infusion of botanicals, such as licorice root or chamomile flowers, then these substances will confer a color tone ranging from light yellow to the more intense one.

All the white Grappas are young, if a Grappa is yellow, this is due to ageing or infusion.

This will be clarified by reading the label.

Buona Grappa, everyone!

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