Poli Museo della Grappa

Poli Grappa Museum

Poli Distillerie

Poli Distillerie

17th Edition

Distillerie Aperte 2012 - The week of Grappa

From Sunday 30th of September to Sunday 7th of October the distilleries of our province, Vicenza, will be once again open to the public.

This event, promoted by "Made in Vicenza", is completely free and open to everyone and aims to enhance the value of the ancient job of the Grappaiolo.

A chance will be given to visitors to see the distillation process, find out some secrets and, above all, to understand the passion held in a bottle of Grappa.

Visitors will be guided through our plant and will be able to taste our Grappa and distillates in the same place where they are produced.

Following to the great success of the past years, a "seance" ( a tasting session in the dark where the visitors will interact with the spirits) will be offered to our guests.

More details on www.madeinvicenza.it