Poli Museo della Grappa

Poli Grappa Museum

Poli Distillerie

Poli Distillerie

9th Edition

Grapperie Aperte 2012 - The "Italian Spirit" in a bottle

On Sunday 7th of october, 40 distilleries all over Italy will be opening their doors wide showing the backstage of the most famous national distillate: Grappa.

Visitors will be given a chance to spend a great day in close contact with a piece of pure italian history, and be taught about the Grappa making process and company and product history by the Grappaioli masters themselves.

This event is promoted by the National Institute of Grappa, together with members from all over Italy.

Grappa has become one of the symbols of the "Made in Italy", and is a beverage rich in history and tradition.

Grapperie Aperte offers everybody the chance to meet and understand the past, present and future of such an italian distillate, and to live this way a great day together with other people, drinking with quality.

More details on www.istitutograppa.org