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Poli Grappa Museum

Poli Distillerie

Poli Distillerie

A first step to give a value to the cultural heritage of the companies.

It is created “DOC - Di Origine Culturale” (of cultural origin) the first net of museum operations of Veneto

On the 30th july 2013 at the seat of the "Italian employers' confederation" Veneto in Mestre (VE) the first net of museum operations of the region Veneto was born, with the aim to spread and to promote the business culture.

This initiative, promoted by the region, Confindustria and Federturismo Veneto aim to value the cultural-historical heritage, with the purpose by means of the tourist promotion to represent he entire territory.

The members of the net are:

- Poli Distillerie di Schiavon (VI),
- Rossimoda di Vigonza (PD),
- Bottega del Soffitto di Montebelluna (TV),
- Ercole Moretti di Murano (VE),
- Oleificio Cisano di Bardolino (VR),
- Luigi Bevilacqua di Venezia,
- Forgerossi di Arsiero (VI),
- Museo Nicolis di Villafranca (VR).

It's about capable companies, rooted with the territory which in the course of the years have transmitted the own values in an independent way.
Through these contract of net they are united with a common aim: to identify the best promotion methods joint of the museum operations also through the creation of a digitale plattform, which should give more transparency in Italy and abroad.

The alliance between these 9 firms is the natural consequenze of the taken effort, both from the Veneto region and the single company, to strengthen the profound link between the firms and the territory.

"It is the demonstration - explains the president of Confindustria Veneto Roberto Zuccato - that binding industry, art, culture and tourism together takes effect in a better recognition of the brand and is an instrument of value of the cultural heritage of our companies.
(Source: http://bit.ly/14imMIY)