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Poli Distillerie

From 28 to 30 January 2011

Italian Grappa and the world of spirit national show in Perugia

The event will be held in in the historic Rocca Paolina, the Perugia's city center, during the last weekend of January. Grappa is the queen of the event, but there are also fruit spirits, grape brandy and all those spirits, domestic and international, that belong to everyday life.

"Brandy Italy" has taken over the years more and more professional style, related mainly to the quality of spirits, united since the first edition to the important issue of drinking conscious, with the absolute prohibition of sale and supply of alcohol to persons under 18 years. The next year, acquires greater importance as it is the first Italian event dedicated entirely to the spirits, and then to hard liquor, which reaches the finish line of the fourth edition.

Protection and prevention, quality and consumer education, courtesy and professionalism are the values that visitors to the exhibition and are appreciated throughout the period of the festival.

Caterers, technicians, journalists, distributors, many fans with a record attendance in 2010 has registered about 15,000 visitors and more than 600 participants to the most diverse wine tastings, an increase of over 50% compared to the second edition

Innovative in content, has the attention of wine and food business operators as a meeting point to conclude trade deals and to get a preview of the new market, but especially the passionate audience that rewards the efforts of the organizers who risked and invested in an event that is unique in the world and that is expected and required in the event unique and inimitable sector of the market for distillates.

One area that is affected in an important way of economic crisis and the just limitations imposed by the competent authorities on alcohol consumption.For this "Brandy Italy" promotion is an appropriate number of appointments with free tastings, educating the consumer to drink, while allowing to buy and taste some real rarities, teaching him the proper consumption of hard liquor and thereby prevention.

The meetings scheduled for 2011, already a wealthy audience of producers and brand managers present at the Fair, are:

-"Girograppando", An event dedicated to fans who like to combine a good spirit in chocolate, cheese and biscuits. During the "Girograppando" will indicate the most suitable combination of methods to blend the finest characteristics of a brandy with a gourmet tasting at the booths that will join the initiative;

-"A round of Grappa":tour of the stands of the Fair, led by technical experts ANAG Umbria, which illustrate the traveling public, types, territories and the opportunity to "emotional" that offer only the best tasting to "Brandy Italy;

-"Spirits of the Author" events are reserved exclusively for distillers who wish to present their company to a select audience;

-"Not only Toscano" meetings open to all companies registered at the event who will offer their valuable distillates in matching cigars;

-"We learn the art of wine tasting" wine tastings that will allow the audience to enhance their culture and learn about different types of spirits, both Italian and foreign;

-"In the company of a sympathetic Toscano "Appointments and reserved for those who love cigars and spirits combine in delicious combinations, led by technical assessors ANAG;

-"Dinners fire"Menu divided into four courses, from appetizers to desserts, each of which will be combined for a spirit and a wine, specifically designed by experts in matching ANAG Umbria, to place greater emphasis on the sensory characteristics of each product.

source: fontanaro.blogspot.com