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Poli Distillerie

Poli Distillerie

Master distiller Classes 2015

Enrollment for master distiller classes 2015 now available at Scuola Enologica "G.B. Cerletti" - Conegliano.

Classes will be held at the Distilleria Sperimentale by Veneto Agricoltura inside the Scuola Enologica's campus in Conegliano. The Poli distillery will also be the venue choses for one class on November 6th 2015.

Theoretical and practical knowledge to run stills and to produce distillates are the skills taught during these classes, which are open to everybody: from experts to students in wine or agriculture and so on.

More information on oiconegliano@gmail.com
or visit http://www.oiconegliano.it/corso-mastro-distillatore-1.html.