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Discovering Grappa with Jacopo Poli.

Milk, Grappa and honey: remedy against the cold?

As per an ancient popular tradition, milk with Grappa and honey is an effective remedy against cold and sneezing.
But what is true in this tradition?

It must be said that the Salerno Medical School already claimed that wool, bed and milk were the noblest remedy for cold and flu: the warmth given by the wool, staying in bed at rest and the milk, known for its relaxing properties.

Then warm milk together with the honey Grappa we produce may be an effective remedy.
The honey contained in this bottle of Grappa, amounts 35% and it is pure acacia honey with pine, mint, juniper and verbena essential oils. Honey is well known for its throat-soothing and cough-sedative properties and together with Grappa, It serves as natural vasodilator, dissipating the body heat.

So: it this a remedy that works?
In my opinion, it is… But I recommend you try it!

Let me know how this works for you!

Buona Grappa, everyone!

Watch the video with Jacopo Poli: