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Registration of IG Grappa (geographical indications of grappa)

Press releases of MIPAAF were published relating to requests for registration of geographical indications like "Südtiroler Grappa" and/or "Grappa from Alto Adige", "Grappa Friuliana" and/or "Grappa from Friuli" and "Grappa Veneta" and/or "Grappa from Veneto", "Grappa Trentina" and/or "Grappa from Trentino", "Grappa Lombarda" and/or "Grappa from Lombardia", "Grappa Piemontese" and/or "Grappa from Piemonte", "Grappa di Sicilia", "Grappa di Marsala", "Grappa di Barolo" in the Gazzetta Ufficiale of 11 August 2014, 27 October 2014, 11 and 27 December 2014, 21 Genuary 2015.

At the following links you can find reports on the measures:

- REPORT "Grappa from Alto Adige"
Link: www.gazzettaufficiale.it/eli/id/2014/08/11/14A06284/sg

- REPORT "Grappa from Friuli"
Link: www.gazzettaufficiale.it/eli/id/2014/08/11/14A06285/sg

- REPORT "Grappa from Veneto"
Link: www.gazzettaufficiale.it/eli/id/2014/08/11/14A06286/sg

- REPORT "Grappa from Trentino"
Link: www.gazzettaufficiale.it/eli/id/2014/10/27/14A08174/sg

- REPORT "Grappa from Lombardia"
Link: www.gazzettaufficiale.it/eli/id/2014/10/27/14A08172/sg

- REPORT "Grappa from Piemonte"
Link: http://www.gazzettaufficiale.it/atto/serie_generale/

- REPORT "Grappa from Sicilia"
Link: www.gazzettaufficiale.it/eli/id/2014/12/11/14A09394/sg

- REPORT "Grappa di Marsala"
Link: www.gazzettaufficiale.it/eli/id/2014/12/27/14A09789/sg

- REPORT "Grappa di Barolo"
Link: www.gazzettaufficiale.it/eli/id/2014/12/27/14A09792/sg