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ANAG now offers tasting classes in Treviso, Ferrara, Avellino and Gorizia.

Tasting Classes on Grappa and spirits

Wannabe sommeliers now have a chance to enrol in entry-level classes offered by ANAG, the italian Grappa and spirits sommeliers association.

It is actually through a careful and conscious tasting that the spirits best features can be really appreciated and enjoyed.

Next meeting will be held in Treviso, from february 16th to march 16th, Ferrara, from february 17th to march 17th, Avellino from february 20th to march 27th and Cormons (Gorizia) from march 4th to April 1st 2015.

Being member of Anag is the condition to take part to these classes. Further information can be obtained at www.anag.it "corsi" section.