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Discovering Grappa with Jacopo Poli.

The oldest Grappa in the world

The oldest existing bottle of Grappa is kept in the Grappa collection at the Poli Grappa Museum in Schiavon.

The bottle dates back to 1880 and was found in the cellar of a noble palace in Florence.
A marquise, whose father was descending from the Medici Family in Florence and whose mother from the Zeno Family in Venice, had in her cellar many bottles, among which this one.

She also drew up a meticulous inventory, and then she handed the bottle to the Grappa Museum.

The Zeno Family have Venetian origins and it is very likely from Asolo that the bottle comes from.

On the label there are no producer‘s name, alcohol volume and content, just the word "Grappa" and the date 1880, finely handwritten. 

In that period it was not compulsory to specify producer, alcohol volume and content.

These information became mandatory only since 1933.

Buona Grappa everyone!

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