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The olfactory code of Grappa

How can one understand and appreciate the quality of the raw material used to distill Grappa? 

How could we evaluate the mastery behind the production of the most famous italian spirit, just by using our own sense organs?

The "Codice sensoriale della Grappa" will be shortly released to give an answer to these questions:
this book will enable experts and lovers to understand the complexity and uniqueness of this mere italian product.

"The aroma of a Grappa is the result of a variety of factors, starting in the grape variety and finishing in the several flavourings with plant extracts that Grappa may undergo before being bottled"

Source: "Luigi Odello", "Il codice olfattivo della Grappa", L'assaggio, 2013, n. 41, 26/04/2013, p.43-44