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source: Giornale dei Distillatori

Unchanged Grappa production in 2010

In 2010 Grappa production should close the turnover without any variation compared with 2009 for about 26 millions litters of Grappa. It’s really Mr Cesare Mazzetti , the President for the National Institute of Grappa (ING), who states it. In 2009 1.913.300 anhydrous liters of Grappa were exported with 2/3 only for the German market. But among all the exported goods in Germany, only the 64% has been bottled, whereas the remaining 36% has been sold as loose, that is by mixing it with local brandies in order to give rise to a product like more than 100% Italian Grappa. The same matter and risk also for Switzerland, whereas the third importer Country, Austria, with 74.600 anhydrous liters, is positively orientated to the importation of bottled Grappa, as in Belgium and Netherlands.