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Discovering Grappa with Jacopo Poli.

Which is the right glass for Grappa?

Often, they ask me: which is the best glass to taste a Grappa?

In my opinion the answer is simple: a transparent crystal glass with a tulip shape, like this one.

Thus, a cup that opens and then closes and opens up again.

It doesn’t need to be a particularly large glass, since Grappa has several aromas and therefore it does not need large evaporation surfaces.

This cup allows the scents to concentrate on one focus point located just over the glass border and therefore to perceive at best the aromas and the scents of Grappa.

And then this flaring shape is important because it allows the spirit out in the front area of the tongue, where we can perceive mostly the sweet senses.

In fact, look, Grappa comes out in a precise manner from the glass edge.

If we used a glass opens which, instead of having a shape opening outwards, inwards, we would notice that Grappa stumbles on the glass edge and then dribbles while going out; this happens in the mouth, too.

Grappa would end up in the back of the tongue, where you perceive the bitter senses.

It is therefore important to use the right glass, with a tulip shape, like this one, for a better Grappa tasting.

Buona Grappa everyone.

Watch the video with Jacopo Poli: