Poli Distillerie

Artisan distillery, owned and operated by the Poli family, founded in 1898 in Schiavon, near Bassano del Grappa, in the heart of Veneto, the most renowned Italian region for Grappa production. Bassano del Grappa is considered the capital of the most important Italian distillate: Grappa. In this unique atmosphere, the Poli family has specialized in the art of distillation for four generations.

The distillation system

The Poli Distillery works with a copper still, among the very few left in use, consisting of 12 cauldrons working in discontinuous cycles (artisan method): we put the marc into the cauldrons and we distill it by means of steam (doing the so-called “cotta”); after about three hours, after the raw materials have run out, we have to unload the cauldrons, which are filled up again with fresh marc, ready for another cycle. The distillation occurs exclusively during the grape harvest, from the beginning of September until the middle of November. However it is possible to visit the distillery throughout the year.

The Building

The building which houses the Distillery is considered to be of historical interest because of its portico structure which is typical of ancient rural dwellings of Veneto. The Distillery is open to anyone who is interested in the ancient process of producing Grappa. Finding us is easy: we are located in Schiavon, along the State Road 248 which connects Vicenza to Bassano del Grappa. Visits welcome on appointment.