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Risotto with prawns and strawberries


Prepare a fish stock: fry the prawns' heads in a little olive oil in a pan, add some boiling water and some drops of wormwood-flavoured Grappa.
Add a pinch of salt e simmer for 10 minutes.
Toast the rice with some olive oil and butter in a pan, wet with some fish stock. After 15 minutes, add the shelled prawns, the diced strawberries and the Grappa.
Add some salt, pepper anc carry on cooking for 3 more minutes. Add some olive oil to make a creamier risotto. Serve on a plate, and drizzle some cocoa powder on the top.

Recommended Grappa:
PO' di Poli Morbida

  • Ingredients:

    250 g Carnaroli rice
    600 g prawns
    150 g strawberries
    Salt, to taste
    White pepper, to taste
    Bitter cocoa, to taste
    4 cl Grappa
    Olive oil

  • Author:
    • Ivan Merlini
  • Typology:
    • First courses
  • Preparation time:
    • 45 minutes
  • Notes: