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Valtellina-style Sciatt


Knead the flours, Grappa, salt and some sparkling water in a bowl, to obtain a batter.
Dice the cheese (about 2 cms) and dip it well in the batter, remove the well coated dice from the batter with a spoon and deep-fry, until they're well hot and golden.
Drain the fried sciatt.
Lay some finely chopped cicory on a dish, season with oil and vinegar, and lay the fried sciatt on the cicory.
Set the batter aside two hours to rest before frying.

Recommended Grappa:
Sarpa di Poli

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  • Ingredients:

    200 g buckwheat flour
    100 g flour
    250 g Valtellina Casera cheese
    1 shot glass Grappa
    Sparkling water
    Frying oil

  • Author:
    • Laura Corte
  • Typology:
    • First courses
  • Preparation time:
    • 60 minutes
  • Notes:
    • Sciatt means toad in the dialect spoken in the Valtellina. Because the sciatt make a hump while frying, their shape might remind a toad. Other people think the name comes from another word used in dialect which is “sciadatto” which means something like “with no particular shape”. The fried cheese-dice are generally served on a dish with finely chopped cicory. While they first were born in Teglio, a small village, this recipe is now widespread through the whole Valtellina. Typical ingredients for this recipe are a mix of buckwheat and plain flour, beer, Casera cheese sliced in dice, breadcrumbs, yeast and Grappa.