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Mille - feuille of bison, pinto beans, raspberries and their Grappa


To prepare the brine: melt 10g cooking salt in 100g cold water.
Soak the pinto beans in brine for one night, then wash them.
Simmer the beans in a saucepan till they are tender but not overcooked. Salt  to taste, season with pepper, oil and lemon.
Wash salads, lettuce, corn salad and spinach and raspberries, and pad dry.
Mash half of the fruits, add Grappa and some extra virgin oil stirring with  a fork, a little table salt until obtaining a fragrant and brightly colored emulsion.
Wet the carpaccio slices on both sides with the emulsion, cover and let rest half an hour so that the carpaccio gets flavoured.
To prepare the serving dish: a dough cutter can be used to ease this step. First lay the different types of salads, then drizzle some seasoning, add a layer of carpaccio (this layer may go over the platter's edge), put some beans and raspberries on the top, fold back the carpaccio, repeat adding some salads, more carpaccio, beans etc until you run out of ingredients.

Recommended Grappa:
Lamponi di Poli - Fruit Brandy

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  • Ingredients:

    160 g bison carpaccio
    80 g dried pinto beans
    1 sprig spinach
    1 sprig corn salad
    1 spring lettuce
    100 g fresh raspberries
    ½ shot raspberry-flavoured Grappa
    Extra virgin oil
    Cooking salt
    Table salt
    1 lemon juice

  • Author:
    • Fabiana Del Nero
  • Typology:
    • Second course
  • Preparation time:
    • About 50 minutes
  • Notes: