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"Comparative analysis of technologically interesting enzymes in autochthonous Italian grapes and their grape marcs

This thesis looks at polyphenol oxidase, pectin methylesterase, beta-glucosidase and esterase in two types of vines, white Moscato and Prosecco. The aim was to monitor the positive and negative effects of these enzymes during storage and processing of grapes and grape marcs, and establish the role of each one of them according to their plant or microbial origin.  Several analytical methods were used to  biochemically characterize the enzymes, such as spectrophotometry, gas chromatography, electrophoresis and proteomic analysis with MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. The results obtained led to a patent for the control of methanol concentration in grape marcs.

  • Title:
    • Analisi comparativa di enzimi di interesse tecnologico presenti in uve autoctone italiane e nelle loro vinacce
  • Author:
    • Zocca Federico
  • Year:
    • 2008