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"Tasting and numeracy: fundamentals of statistics for sensory analysis" reveals the behind the scenes picture of sensory analysis, illustrating the different statistical tests and techniques in an agile and comprehensive presentation. It explains the most complex aspects of sensory analysis step by step, answering the user's questions: How do you draw a product profile that is trustworthy and reliable? What distinguishes one product from the others? What determines the popularity of a product? What should be changed in a product to make it better? How to judge the judges? "Tasting and numeracy" describes what distinguishes sensory analysis from a trial. Everything you can do with sensory analysis and all the proven reasons for the tests reliability and validity.


  • Title:
    • Assaggiare e far di conto: elementi di statistica per l'analisi sensoriale
  • Author:
    • Brentari Eugenio, Odello Luigi
  • Year:
    • 2004