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"Bibliography of Grappa"

Grappa takes up in our time a prestigious place among classic distillates from vine products. This alcoholic beverage is so rooted in Italian uses and customs (apparently it can now boast something like five million regular consumers!) that it appears as a symbol, even abroad, of our gastronomic culture, so much so that it took on the role of "flag" brandy (E.C. Regulation No. 1576/1989).  All this is due to the high quality achieved by the Italian product and from its having become, according to a recent definition, "the best dressed distillate in the world", i.e. one that presents itself to consumers in the most appealing way.  Grappa has thus succeeded in acquiring an increasingly significant weight in our wine related economy:  in 1991 were produced about 21.7 million liters, with an estimated retail value close to 500 billion euro, and exports of 1.1 million bottles.  The Luigi Bonollo Grappa Documentation Centre of Greve in Chianti (FI) has produced, among other things, an archive that gathers, scientifically catalogued and made available to the public, books, ancient  documents and current ones on the technological, historical, cultural and economic aspects of this noble distillate and its world. The most significant works published on Grappa in the five continents are brought together in this volume, drafted according to the Italian Rules of Cataloguing by Author, with some license in order to make the text more readable and pleasant. The full-page select antique engravings on distillation, also scattered throughout the text, create a pleasant break for the reader, as well as providing a cultural message of sure interest, both for lovers of this beverage and experts.  I cannot therefore but compliment most strongly the Luigi Bonollo Grappa Documentation Centre for this laudable and praiseworthy initiative, and thank Prof. Carlo Viviani, President of the Centre's Scientific Committee, for his significant and tangible contribution,  wishing a certain, great success for this remarkable and singular volume.

Prof. Umberto Pallotta


  • Title:
    • Bibliografia della Grappa
  • Author:
    • Vari Autori
  • Year:
    • 1993