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"Aromatic characterization of distillates from the Trebbiano cultivar grape marcs: influence of yeast strain"

The development of the spirits market has been characterized in recent years by the pursuit of quality, especially in the field of grape marc and grape distillates, focusing on increasingly elaborate products as concerns aroma and sensory characteristics. This investigation assessed how the composition of volatile compounds (higher alcohols and esters) in grape marc distillates was influenced by 5 yeast strains, selected and inoculated into virgin grape marcs from the Trebbiano cultivar and compared with the environment's microbial flora (control strain). As is well known, the organoleptic effect produced by these compounds as a whole can remarkably affect the characteristics of fermented grape marc and therefore the aromatic composition of the final product.

  • Title:
    • Caratterizzazione aromatica di distillati di vinaccia Cultivar Trebbiano: Influenza del ceppo di lievito
  • Author:
    • Gennari Luigi
  • Year:
    • 1998/99