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"How to make and appreciate Grappa"

It is with great pleasure that I am going to introduce this work by my colleague Luigi Odello, a very capable professional who deals daily with the technical and commercial issues of technology applied to the food industry, but gives free rein in this work to his evident, old passion for Grappa.  Grappa, this humble beverage once considered perhaps second rate because it was obtained from waste materials, has taken up in our times a prestigious place among the classic distillates destined to human consumption.  This volume, full of clear illustrations, and comprehensive both from the historical and scientific point of view, is also written in such a rich and fluent way that it almost reads like a novel; it certainly brings a great contribution to the better understanding of «Signora Grappa» and is suitable for both amateurs and experts. It is indeed Odello's merit to have understood the soul of Grappa: yes, because distillates, being spirits, must have a soul.

Ezio Rivella


  • Title:
    • Come fare e apprezzare la Grappa
  • Author:
    • Odello Luigi
  • Year:
    • 1984