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"Communicating Grappa with cards and descriptors"

Today it is easy to see that about the marc distillate, in recent years, it has been developed an intense work of communication definitely successful. There are today in wine shops and specialized stores brandies of all types and of all varieties, decorated and contained in containers of all shapes of very precious glass, realized in more or less fanciful shapes and often signed by "designers". The message coming from it seems clear, at least for those who have experienced it and remember the grappa as marcs distillate produced just outside home, in the fields away from prying eyes, and consumed by the adult members of the farmer family. The Grappa, humble, daily distillate of the Alpine valleys and foothills, familiar with values of conviviality, but sometimes of loneliness too. Good! All this is a memory for someone, a cliché for others, something that today no longer exists. Indeed, the message that we are now being proposed is of a different nature: the grappa is no more an expression of life and culture of the Alpine and Apennine, but it is introduced as a refined product of elite, which is discussed at literary awards, in social gatherings, etc.. The communication has overturned the century-old image of a wine byproduct, putting it at the centre of the interest of consumer groups not interested in the rural image of the past, but very involved, on the contrary in that, very different, of the present. See in this regard, the very recent publication of Odello (2001), appeared on the L'Assaggiatore, entitled "The new Grappa: beautiful outside, good inside". It is outlined there as the first impact was a communication related to "cute (sometimes precious) packages”, and if, however, they have represented the visible part of an undeclared change involving the "whole chain production and philosophy of the grappa maker ...

  • Title:
    • Comunicare la Grappa mediante schede e descrittori
  • Author:
    • Ubigli M. - Cravero M.C. - Ponte C.
  • Year:
    • 2001