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"Italian style end-of-meal combinations

Coffee, brandy and dessert are the classic Italian characteristics served at the end of a meal. How is it possible to combine them in order to obtain the highest pleasure? This is revealed by the sensory analysis tests carried out with the Big Sensory Test Combinations method.



Manuela Violoni graduated in Communication Studies at Bologna University. Violoni specialized in sensory analysis performed through coordinating and conducting tests, ranging from the customer’s first briefing to presenting a final report. Violoni’s work also involves designing new and innovative test procedures dealing with packaging analysis, environment sensorial analysis, test on the emotional impact of the product, tests on no-food products and tests on consumers. Since 2003 she has collaborated with the Tasters Studies Centre in Brescia.

  • Title:
    • Gli abbinamenti del fine pasto all'italiana
  • Author:
    • Violoni Manuela
  • Year:
    • 2008