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"Grappa and tasters at the test bench"

As part of the events promoted by the section Anag of Verona, they are offered periodically "vertical" tasting evenings. Of course, the distillates are presented to the tasters in a completely anonymous way, in classic green bottles identified only by numbers. To tasters it is declared, for each sample, the type of distillate (e.g. young, aromatic, aged grappa, etc..), the alcohol content, the varietal (if declared by the producer) and the production region. The choice of succession of the distillates is not accidental but they always try to introduce the samples in a growing order as regards the characteristics of the product (type, strength, aroma).

  • Title:
    • Grappa e assaggiatori sul banco di prova
  • Author:
    • Anticeli Andrea
  • Year:
    • 1994