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"Grappa & wine: quality certification"

This book was put together from the reports presented at a session of the Italian Academy of Vines and Wine in Greve di Chianti, and was published thanks to the Academy's kind permission. Progress, in any sector and in any period, is based on the search for quality. This must therefore be seen as an essential, although hardly attainable, goal and as such needs to be constantly monitored. There is nothing more futile than talking about quality in a generic sense, without giving it an objective and verifiable dimension: that's why international standards and certifications were established.  In the kingdom of vines and their products, where nature is the master and creates an endless series of variables that man can only try to govern, but never succeeds in subduing, things become even more difficult when we want to measure quality, and are further complicated by  traditions and essential typical factors. For this reason the Academy of Vines and Wine, whose primary purpose is to stimulate progress through scientific research and its dissemination, decided to devote a session to quality and certifications standards, drawing on the expertise of academics and professionals on the subject. From their reports focused on wine and Grappa, two products that are increasingly raising the image of Italy in the world, came this publication, elegant for its graphic design and comprehensive because it deals with standards and regulations, together with problems and significance of a pragmatic quality management in the sector's companies.


  • Title:
    • Grappa & vino: certificazione di qualità
  • Author:
    • Vari Autori
  • Year:
    • 1995