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"Grappa: the goal is the world"

The world: a truly ambitious goal for Grappa, that only a few decades ago could not even be dreamt of. Still, the little great made in Italy distillate succeeded in commanding the attention of consumers in five continents and exports have been constantly growing in recent years. Like all victories, this one too has many fathers: Italian entrepreneurial skills certainly played an important role, and the affection for the product of so many compatriots working in the catering sector abroad should not be disregarded either, but Grappa's intrinsic contents (history, tradition and sensory profile) have adequately supported - and support - our distillate consumption outside the Italian borders. Today, a consolidation of its growth trend abroad is a priority for Grappa and, quite timely, as befits a date with current affairs, the Centro Documentazione Grappa Luigi Bonollo comes to cover the subject with a significant meeting, and this book that preserves its precious memory. A book written by established experts who make available to the sector some important information, allowing the Grappa compartment to adopt new strategies so that an ambitious goal can become more and more attainable. 

Prof. Carlo Viviani


  • Title:
    • Grappa: Obiettivo il Mondo
  • Author:
    • Vari Autori
  • Year:
    • 1996