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"Grappa between tasting and stills" is a monograph that gets immediately to the heart of Grappa knowledge through the sense organs, on a journey dotted with healthy moments of pleasure, between sips of crystalline Grappa and grapperie with their smoking, glory loaded alembics. "Grappa between tasting and stills" puts immediately the reader in charge, allowing him to use sight, smell and taste to discover the skill of master distillers and the raw material preciousness reflected in a glass of Grappa.

"Grappa between tasting and stills" guides professionals and discerning consumers through the secrets of distillation, in search for the best grappas, discovering tasting benches and collectors contests.


  • Title:
    • Grappa tra assaggi e alambicchi
  • Author:
    • Odello Luigi
  • Year:
    • 1995