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"Grappa: a tradition not to be forgotten"

Mariano Damonti was born in Lonato, near Brescia, in 1958. After earning a diploma as a qualified industrial technician, he started his teaching career. But his real love was cooking. He then left teaching to actively devote himself to the family inn and, with the help of his parents, in a few years he transformed the old inn into an original restaurant. Here he also offered his preferred gastronomical delicacies. He collaborated with a few magazines, writing on food and wine. A professional sommelier and ANAG taster for twenty years now, he has put together an extremely well-stocked cellar with as many as 3,500 different types of Grappa, considered by experts to be the largest collection in the world. On this distillate he has already published a book: "Preserving from one Grappa to the next". With his new book Damonti wants to divulge the poetry of Grappa, following a special path through the complex dynamics of production, tasting, evaluation and history of this distillate. With a view to valorize its popular and quality aspects, passionately addressing the general public. 


  • Title:
    • Grappa: tradizione da non dimenticare
  • Author:
    • Mariano Damonti
  • Year:
    • 2001