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"Guide to Italy's Grappas and other distillates"

Getting to know Grappa means learning to appreciate a traditional Italian product that is arousing an increasingly broader interest also internationally, in the wake of the "made in Italy" success of our wine production. In recent years Grappa has freed itself from an early inferiority complex and has won a nobler image, the result of increasingly modern and specialized production processes and the search for new product types, made more attractive by more and more sophisticated packagings. This book guides you on a long journey to discover Grappa, its history, its composition and production techniques, the main types of it, the legislation and the directions for a proper tasting.

A complete guide to the main creations of many producers along the entire peninsula, described one by one to cover their organoleptic and production characteristics. Not forgetting, finally, other distillates very close to Grappa, with an examination of the best national productions of wine brandy and other fruit distillates.


  • Title:
    • Guida a Grappe e acquaviti d'Italia
  • Author:
    • Imbriani Luciano
  • Year:
    • 2001