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"Volatile compounds in the development of wine brandies during storage and ageing

The following aspects were investigated:
A) the evolution with time of chemical reactions, in terms of chemical equilibrium and reaction kinetics, including oxidation-reduction reactions of some categories of base compounds derived from fermentation and found in distillates, such as: alcohols, esters (ethyl esters of fatty acids and higher alcohols acetates), related volatile acids, aldehydes, acetals and ketones (Puech et al., 1984);
B)the evolution of some varietal compounds such as monoterpenes;
C) the release of volatile compounds (aromas) from the container's material, mainly oak wood: analysis of the aroma in different fractions, including the bound one (Puech et al., 1984, Versini and Mattivi, 1987);
D) impurities accidentally released ( see phthalates in the second module).

  • Title:
    • I composti volatili nell’evoluzione delle acqueviti viniche durante lo stoccaggio e l’invecchiamento
  • Author:
    • Giuseppe Versini
  • Year:
    • 2005