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"The secrets of distillation"

Why don't we learn to distill? Why, in the land of the sun, where fruits are abundant and very rich in sugars and aromas, don't we learn to obtain from them some fragrant distillates? Perhaps because one has to submit to so many regulations or perhaps because we never thought possible to get a good distillate from all the fruits we see on our trees. This book explains in a simple way how to make the fruit ferment, it describes an alembic and how to make it work. It also deals specifically with twenty distillates produced from as many fermented types of materials.

Luigi Odello, an oenologist, is the leading world expert of distillates and grappas. A journalist and writer, he codified a tasting method for Grappa (officially adopted by the National Grappa Tasters Association), a general method for distillates, and collaborated in studying and defining one for cocktails. 



  • Title:
    • I segreti della distillazione
  • Author:
    • Odello Luigi
  • Year:
    • 1996