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"The complete book of Grappas"

A fascinating journey into the world of Grappa, an increasingly appreciated distillate that this book wants us to know better, to taste and promote. The extensive introductory section sheds light on the history, processing and classification of Grappa, then examines tasting, legislation and geography: everything that concerns the complex universe of Grappa. The second part, the volume's core, describes and illustrates 101 grappas by well known distillers, which the author, a famous taster, judges, comments upon and assesses, one by one: each grappa is examined in all its details, so that the reader can best orient himself in the production maize. A book that can be a stimulus and a reference for any lover of this all Italian distillate.    


  • Title:
    • Il libro completo della Grappa
  • Author:
    • Damonti Mariano
  • Year:
    • 2005