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"The book of Grappas"

These extremely well informed pages will be the delight of any Grappa connoisseur and anybody who wants to become one. You will find that there is no end to the delicious varieties of Grappas, Calvados, Kirsch and so on: each one with its own personality, its modes of use and its specific digestive, invigorating, refreshing and reviving benefits in cocktails, etc. The book teaches in depth the art of creating grappa, the less difficult art of tasting it, the ability to tell without fail any defect, and so on. But that is not enough! It gives detailed tables with the essential characteristics of each Grappa and all similar distillates that you can possibly imagine: the grape marc of origin, the sensations that the particular  Grappa offers to sight, smell and taste (always expressed in precise oenological terms), the alcohol content by volume, the bottle capacity, the producer, the suggested occasions for consumption and any other information that may apply. A comprehensive, fine book, written by a great expert.


  • Title:
    • Il libro delle Grappe
  • Author:
    • Imbriani Luciano
  • Year:
    • 1996