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"Wine and beer: alcohol, distillations, vinegar"

Guillaume- Louis Figuier, French naturalist and science writer, was born in Montpellier in 1819 and died in Paris in 1894. He graduated in Physics in 1841 and in Physics in 1850, in 1846 he was appointed Professor at the School of Pharmacy in Montpellier from where he moved in 1853 to Paris. He became famous thanks to many popular science books. An important part of this text is dedicated to the alcohol and distillation industry. From primitive distillation equipment to the Gay-Lussac alcoholmeter, it gathers, accompanied by several illustrations, a considerable amount of information on the world of distillation. 


  • Title:
    • Il Vino e la Birra: l'acool, le distillazioni, l'aceto.
  • Author:
    • Figuier Luigi
  • Year:
    • 1982